This January saw the third in the series of annual headspace weeks in which colleagues and friends from Manchester Metropolitan University Nursing School came together with us in Cambridge to focus on writing papers, bids and proposals. A successful week all round, resulting in: Final sign off on the soon to be published book’Nursing Older People at a Glance’
One paper drafted
Two back to back qual/quant papers planned and drafted
Grant application ready for final submission,
One paper fully written from scratch and submitted
PhD revisions done and submitted,
Rapid Evidence Review redrafted and ready for peer review
One paper complete and ready for submission following co-author review.
One future funded project focus discussed, decided and application process started
One paper started from scratch and 80% complete
One paper awaiting collegial review before submission.
One paper in planning stage with literature search complete and author activities decided
Two new and disparate research work streams identified and discussed and ready to roll
One theoretical workstream started