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Patient Voices: Patient Voices workshops

The workshops: Patient Voices storytelling goes online

Now, more than ever before, we need stories. We need stories from all the ordinary and the extraordinary people waiting patiently to be heard. We need stories of courage and compassion, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, hope and resilience; stories of agonising uncertainty and the delightfully unexpected. We need funny stories and sad stories; stories of how we get through each day, stories of patience and impatience, stories of how we stay connected to family, friends and colleagues. We need stories from children and their parents and grandparents; from healthcare workers; from educators, from people who have lost their jobs and people who are valiantly carrying on, especially those teaching our children and young people; those who are conducting research, caring for our elderly, looking after our animals, emptying our dustbins, transporting our food, maintaining our water and electricity supplies and burying our dead.
We at Patient Voices have been listening to your stories and helping you transform them into digital stories since 2003. We have seen how stories can transform individuals, families, teams and organisations. Now is the time when we need stories to transform the world – stories to create a better future for everyone. We are all in this together.

How can we share and learn from stories during a pandemic?

In response to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are bringing our digital storytelling workshops online. Over the course of six two-hour sessions, plus online support time, you’ll learn how to create your own 2-4 minute video – a digital story.

Who should participate?

Anyone and everyone! You may be a patient or a carer or someone working in health or social care, hoping that others can learn from your story; you may work in education and want to learn new ways to engage and inspire students or illustrate challenging concepts; you may work in other public sector jobs, in administration or the armed services – or you may be just an ‘ordinary’ person with a story that needs to be told.
You may want to learn new skills, meet new people, preserve important stories or just do something completely different. We can promise plenty of creative inspiration, intellectual stimulation, gentle encouragement, great company and lots of individual support. Invariably storytellers find the process challenging and fun in roughly equal measure – and many people comment on the therapeutic nature of telling their stories in this way.
If you are happy to do so, your story will be released to the Patient Voices website so that we can all share and learn from these valuable stories.

What will I need?

You’ll need a computer – Mac or PC, a web browser and access to the internet. Once you are registered, we’ll send out notes to help you prepare in various ways.

What will I be doing?

During the six weeks you will:

  • Explore what makes a good story
  • Learn how to record a voiceover
  • Practise writing to a story prompt
  • Explore the use of images in your story
  • Share stories in a Story Circle
  • Learn how to use WeVideo – an online video editing programme
  • Draft a 300 word script
  • Celebrate and share your stories with your group.

When can I start?

The next workshop will series will start on Monday, 1st June 2020, and run for six weeks from 18.00-20.00 (GMT+1).

How much will it cost?

We offer a range of individual and organsisational packages, with the individual fee for the entire series of six two-hour sessions beginning at £300 + VAT = £360.
To encourage you to share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues, we’re offering £50 off for each person you introduce to – and who registers for – the workshop. So if you are a great connector, you could potentially have a free place!

What people say

‘Thank you again for a lovely session today. This has been the highlight of my quarantine days! :)’

‘I didn’t expect it to be quite as moving as it was and I found listening to others’ stories and having them listening to mine to be a very rewarding experience. Your gentle and encouraging style of guidance is much appreciated.’

‘A really big thank you… for the workshop and your amazing willingness to help the group in this process. I am super impressed and appreciative. Looking forward to the next session.’

‘Thank you so much for your excellent facilitation of the story circle last Monday. I found it incredibly powerful.’

‘Thank you … I am learning a lot and am really enjoying this process!’

‘I am amazed at how quickly we have bonded as a small group!’

‘I never imagined I could say so much in so few words.’

It’s made me realise how similar we all are, and how many stories we share.’

‘These three days have been the best days of my life.’

‘I feel like I could talk to anyone now.’

‘It’s been really therapeutic.’

‘It hasn’t been at all what I expected, but it’s been absolutely brilliant.’

How do I apply?

For more information, please contact us.

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