We celebrate the power of stories. 
We celebrate the art of storytelling.

We live our lives through stories. We make sense of the world through the stories we share. Some of these stories enable us to forge connections, while others enable us to realise our diversity. Some stories help us realise our desire to live together and some stories demand that we attend to social issues that may be outside our individual experience but cause us to question the meaning of being human and what it means to share our planet with others. Each story we tell, hear, and share defines what sort of a “we” we are.

The 1st International Digital Storytelling Festival celebrates the power of stories and the art of digital storytelling. We, as members of the Digital Storytelling community worldwide, have been story workers for almost four decades. The members of this community have been working around the world to foster social justice and raise awareness of issues of concern, in the hope of contributing to a world characterised by respect and equality for all, regardless of gender, race, religion or belief, age, or ability.

If you have a digital story that you would like to submit for the festival, find out more at 1st International Digital Storytelling Festival (DST-Zakynthos 2024)