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Stories from the Florence Nightingale Foundation

Stories from the Florence Nightingale Foundation

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The principal focus of the Florence Nightingale Foundation is on improving health, clinical outcomes and patient experience, through building nursing and midwifery leadership capacity and capability. It does this by enabling nurses and midwives to access sophisticated and bespoke leadership development opportunities, both in the UK and overseas, tailored to the scholar’s needs.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation, with the Burdett Trust for Nursing, are pleased to offer an interactive online leadership programme to all Internationally Educated Nurses and Midwives (IENMs) working in the United Kingdom.

This exciting opportunity is open to all IENMs practicing in the UK, whether in the NHS, social care or private healthcare. Whether you have been working in the UK for some time, or are new to the UK health care setting but would like to enhance your leadership skills, this programme is for you. You will get the chance to develop your own authentic leadership style and to enhance your skills; enabling you to improve your service and boost your career opportunities.

By completing the programme you join the growing community of nurse and midwifery leaders who are following in Florence’s footsteps and making a difference for patients and communities. The programme offers a supportive learning space, developed in collaboration with subject experts and fellow IENMs who themselves have forged exciting careers in the UK.

To bring those programmes to life and ground them in the lived experience of BAME staff and leaders, the Foundation commissioned the Patient Voices Programme to facilitate leading members of the NHS BAME community to tell and create their own reflective digital stories of their journey to here and now.

Now or never?
This is Ariel’s story.

Self belief
This is Opeyemi’s story.

Milk or Manila?
This is Susie’s story.

How do you value a smile?
This is Victor’s story.

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