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Patient Voices: Stories from the COVID lockdown

Stories from the COVID lockdown

We have learnt, over two decades of digital storytelling in healthcare, that the are many stories to be told, shared and heard in any situation. As the COVID lockdown changed the way we work – shifting our focus from face-to-face to the online faciliation of storytelling – we determined to use our skills and expertise to help people reflect on their experiences of this time.

Over the last months, we have been running online reflective workshops via Zoom (if you’re interested, check them out on our workshops page). The workshops take place over six weeks, and the first finished stories are starting to appear – and some storytellers have generously agreed to share their experiences. We hope to continue to build this resource so everyone can learn from it.

Two-letter person
Claudia is a a doctor. A consultant. And she is also a person who has to shield from the novel Coronavirus, because of pre-existing conditions and treatments. Not only does she have to change and adapt her working style and processes, learning new technologies and approaches to the care she is committed to giving, but her husband is also a clinician, one who must also keep working for his patients. So they must shield from each other, giving up human contact and intimacy in order to survive.

Storm Covid
A woman caught in a global storm no one foresaw. A woman with a career, a life and a small child. A woman determined to reach safe harbour on the other side of the storm.

Even in a country where people trust in the system, the long hard slog through the marsh of lockdown takes a toll on physical and emotional energy, leaving citizens debilitated and isolated. Partners and friends provide physical support, comfort and nourishment that helps us meet the physical challenges of life – how and who will we be supported by through the emotional and psychological exhaustion of the Covid-19 lockdown?

A spring in my step
Jo grew up in a generation of women fortunate to bebeginning to be able to make choices for their own bodies – about birth and conception. After her mother dies in a care home without a living will or a DNR in place, Jo determines that, in the face of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, she will once more take control – this time over her death.

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