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Patient Voices: Complex pain, complex teams

Complex pain, complex teams

University College London Hospital’s complex pain team works with patients who have persistent or chronic pain. Their aim is to improve people’s quality of life and manage pain, whether in hospital or transiting back to living at home.
As well as addressing patients’ needs, they also care for the professionals – the teams who are looking after those with chronic pain. Their collective stories demonstrate that whether we be patients, carers, healthcare workers, or a mixture of all three, we are each touched by pain and suffering, we are connected by each other’s willingness to listen, to attend to and to transform this experience.

Patients’ and carers’ stories

This is Sue’s story.

They helped me…
This is Rachel’s story.

A mother’s story
This is Jilly’s story.

An invisible illness
This is Emily’s story.

Staff stories

Biology and being
This is Anna’s story.

How does your garden grow?
This is Natasha’s story.

Do superheroes exist?
This is Katie’s story.

I am a nurse. I am a patient
This is Angie’s story.

This is Jackie’s story.

One, two, three
This is Brigitta’s story.

Time to give
This is Isis’ story.

Rate and rhythm
This is Vicky’s story.

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