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Patient Voices: Arthur & Co.: Stories about living with Arthritis

Arthur & Co.: Stories about living with Arthritis

The stories in this series were created with the intention of illuminating and informing the design of technology and services for people with arthritis. All the stories were created in Patient Voices digital storytelling workshops by people with arthritis who are all volunteering and working with Arthritis Care. The project was funded by the White Rose Health Innovation Partnership and organised by the Medical Education Unit at Leeds University Medical School.

A article describing the project, Designing patient-shaped health care, was written by Dr Pip Hardy and Dr Fiona O’Neill for the White Rose Health Innovation Partnership Technology Bulletin, and a poster presentation created.

Max and me
A holiday in the sun seems to offer Brian the chance of some respite from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, but air travel, as with so many other services, is not designed with consideration for those with Arthritis.

Magic light switches
Arthritis can make simple tasks so hard, but simple, appropriate technology design can make huge differences to the quality of life.

Eric’s first fifty years
Living with an undiagnosed chronic condition can be challenging for the strongest amongst us. The whole-hearted support of family and professionals is critically important if life is to be worth living.

I’m back!
Gill has plenty of energy for hiking, exploring and enjoying travel and a young family. When she is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, her world changes. It is an uphill struggle to rediscover her old self and she is not helped by thoughtlessly designed products and services.

My dear friend Arthur
Karen loves to dance, but one day an unexpected new partner sweeps her off her feet, and she has to adjust to the tempo of her life changing.

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