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Patient Voices: Stories from the University of Liverpool Get Involved 4 the Future project


Stories from the University of Liverpool Get Involved 4 the Future project

These stories are part of the Get Involved 4 the Future project, which is a collaboration between the Forum of Carers and Users of Services, and staff and students of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Liverpool. The project’s aim is to explore and develop successful ways for the health professionals of tomorrow and local people with experience of the health and social services to work together and learn from each other.

When Judy’s life is shattered by an unexpected panic attack, leaving her with severe depression and anxiety, her husband is her main support, until the appearance of Jeblington, a puppy who gives her back a reason to live.

My friend Autopilot
Kath’s internal autopilot has steered her safely past many obstacles and dangers in her life. When at last she is able to fly solo, there is a twinge of regret…

One woman’s life
Pat reflects on a long life filled with tragedy and sorrow… and remarkable resilience. Now in her 60s, she has managed to recover the anticipation and joy of youth once more.

You only get one mum
Sue has cared for her mum since she was a small child, supporting her through the difficulties of mental illness, while dealing with her own challenges over the years, Sue has stuck by her mum through thick and thin.

The threat of deportation hangs over many refugees and asylum seekers. Martin and many others fight to save Alphonsus and enable him to live a better life than the one he had in Biafra.

Blink once for yes
When Stephen wakes up staring at a strange ceiling, unable to move, speak, or even breathe for himself, it is only the beginning … Fortunately, a young doctor goes out on a limb and manages to get specialist support to help him along the road to recovery.

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