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Terrific Teens: Mixed long-term conditions


Mixed long-term conditions

Iin late February 2019, the third project in the Terrific Teens programme of work facilitated the creation of Patient Voices Reflective digital stories in which storytellers explored their experiences as teenagers with a range of long-term conditions (Type 1 Diabetes, Epilepsy and Ulcerative Colitis) and as their parents. This project was funded by Imperial College Healthcare Charity.

Stories from teenagers with long-term conditions

Hard to deal with
This is Austin’s story.

In control?
After she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 16 months old, the condition took over Demi’s life – her food, her schooling, her social life, her holidays, her independence. But now she’s taking control back…

The best…and the worst
Since she developed Ulcerative Colitis, every day of Lily’s life has been different. Hospital visits, cannulas, needles, infusions, medication, weight loss, exhaustion replace time with friends, trips and even making her own way to school. But friends try to understand, schools try to be supportive, and she develops traits she never really knew she had – determination and perseverance that stand her in good stead until another different day. The one when her doctor says the word “remission”.

Stories from their parents

A busman’s life
This is Carla’s story.

This is Csilla’s story.

Up to your neck
This is Karen’s story.

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