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Patient Voices: Terrific Teens


Terrific Teens

These Patient Voices Reflective digital stories were created to explore the experiences of teenagers with long term conditions, and their parents.

For each condition model is to run two Patient Voices workshops in parallel – one for parents and one for teenagers – bringing the groups together after the three-day workshop to share their stories together as an opportunity for the two groups to experience, and reflect upon, the other group’s stories.

The workshops have been funded by Imperial College Healthcare Charity. The first pair of workshops, held in October 2016, explored the experiences of teenagers with life-threatening allergies and their parents. The second pair of parallel workshops, which will address issues facing families affected by sickle cell anaemia, is scheduled to run in 2017.

You can read more about the first stage of the project in the blog of Dr Claudia Gore at:

Serious allergies

This is Seema’s story.

Held at cheesepoint
This is Kyle’s story.

Elisha’s battle
This is Elisha’s story.

Tiger balm
This is Sarah’s story.

This is Joshua’s story.

Eczema girl
This is Priya’s story.

Letting go
This is Sonya’s story.

This is Steve’s story.

We’ll be fine!
This is Marilyn’s story.

Our normal
This is Jacqueline’s story.

Finding the right person
This is Mary’s story.

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