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Patient Voices: Healing journeys


Healing journeys

These stories are part of the ‘Healing journeys’ series, and were created at a Patient Voices workshop at Sheffield Hallam University in March 2008. The workshop was organised by the Occupational Therapy department of the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. The storytellers are all members of the Service User and Carer Network Forum developed by the Social Work team.

My lost little boy
The loss of a baby in tragic and unresolved circumstances can leave a mother on a seemingly unending journey, but support, inspiration and help can come from the most unexpected of places.

Jane and Peter’s journey
For Jane and Peter, what begins as a whirlwind relationship has to become one of mutual long-term support through kidney disease and a transplant.

Peaks and troughs
Nev is dynamic, successful and respected within his profession and interests. When a stroke affects his career and his hobbies, it brings psychological, as well as physical, changes and challenges.

Fragile: deliver with care
A poorly-delivered diagnosis is a cruel thing to receive. When that diagnosis is of a beautiful daughter’s Multiple Sclerosis it is even more so. Grit, determination and family support get Muriel and her family through that diagnosis and provide the strength for what follows.

Something from nothing
‘As children we are but the soft clay of the formative years; the form we take is in the hands of our moulders. Let the formers form with love and not with avarice so that days will be ones of promise and not the rags of time.’

Once upon a time…
The dearest gifts in life can result in the loss of things central to one’s own nature. When Pep, a vivacious and creative music teacher, has two autistic children that are sensitive to stimuli of any kind, she has to change her life in so many ways. Then, one day, a neighbour comes to her rescue…

A long and troubled road
Abuse and neglect in childhood can start a person off on the wrong journey through life. With many years of hard work and support, this storyteller has managed to get back onto a better path.

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