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Patient Voices: Sheffield Carers’ Voices


Sheffield Carers’ Voices

These stories, told by people who use mental health services and those who care for them, are intended to illuminate the experiences of people affected by a range of serious mental health conditions including psychosis, depression, anxiety and autism, highlighting the needs of those who suffer from such conditions, and of those who care for them. The stories were created in a Patient Voices workshop in July, 2009, sponsored by Sheffield City Council.

My struggle
When an industrial accident leaves Tim disabled and depressed, the support of friends and family are as crucial as the medication he takes to set him back on the road to health.

Tell me your story
Pep reflects on the process of creating her first digital story and on the beginning of the journey towards healing.

Coming out the other side
The night Maureen’s son holds a lighted candle next to the curtains in the hope that he will soon join Jesus is the beginning of a long and difficult journey through psychosis and schizophrenia.

A lost life
After many years of depression Jan’s talented and creative son, Ben, is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. As he becomes increasingly traumatised, Jan’s sense of loss is intense. She now speculates whether earlier intervention could have made a difference to the outcome.

Becoming the real me
As a child, Pam learns to look after herself and her parents by bottling up her feelings. Eventually all those painful feelings had to come out. But the journey to health and wholeness is supported by family and faith.

A clearer road ahead
Ian’s first digital story left him feeling shaky and nervous – for an hour or so. But over the next days, weeks and months, a whole new life has opened up. This second story was created to celebrate the changes and the possibilities brought about by making that first story.

Memories of a seaside holiday trigger a daughter’s grateful reflections on the power of a mother’s love, even when there are mental health issues to be overcome.

I love you more
Mia recalls her beautiful, vibrant mother whose radiant smile was dimmed by depression, medication and, finally, cancer – but her memory lives on in the hearts of her daughter and her grand-daughters.

When services fail
Although Lyn suspects that all is not well with her son, she is unable to convince social services to do anything…until it’s too late.

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