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Patient Voices: Stories from the Royal College of Nursing


Stories from the Royal College of Nursing

In its professional development work, the Royal College of Nursing attempts to involve people from across disciplines. These stories are intended to share experiences and celebrate successes.

Working as a team?
As an airline pilot, Martin is drilled and skilled in the essential principles that underpin safe, effective teamwork. When personal tragedy strikes, the universal relevance of these principles, from flight deck to operating theatre, is brought into high relief.

Don’t worry we’re here to look after you
A stay in hospital cared for by a compassionate nurse laid the foundation for Stuart’s future career in nursing, while the RCN has laid the foundation for personal and professional development.

Life with the RCN
What’s it like being an RCN steward? Well, it’s not all beer and sandwiches…..

From little acorns…
In this story, Val Leggett, Infection Control Nurse for Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, describes how lateral thinking, team work and use of colleagues’ expertise achieved an award-winning facility.

Lost and found
Without support or friendship, opportunity or empowerment, even a profession and vocation can become a prison. Through becoming an RCN representative, Marie found her way out – and onto the stage of the RCN Congress!

She’s fine, don’t worry
Lack of communication between professionals and relatives can create and exacerbate feelings of fear and lack of control. These can often be addressed by a few simple, informed, words from someone who knows the answers and takes the time to communicate them.

Demons and despair
When an unexpected opportunity for some professional development presents itself, as a nurse with more than 30 years’ experience, Judy is unprepared for some of the lessons she can learn.

A world of difference
How can we respect and care appropriately and sensitively for people from very different cultures – and still remain within the law? How can we educate people about human rights? These are just some of the questions that arise when a woman from Somalia goes into labour and nobody suspects that she has been circumcised.

Imagine a world
The International Collaboration of Orthopaedic Nursing offers nurses all over the world an opportunity to share experiences and make a real difference to patients, whether they are from ‘fancy clinics’ in the USA or UK, or from a small, three-ward clinic in Malta.

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