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Patient Voices: Stories from the National Patient Safety Agency


Stories from the National Patient Safety Agency

These stories were created in a Pilgrim Projects/Patient Voices reflective digital storytelling workshop in 2010.

Finger on the pulse
After seeing the support a midwife received following an incident, Jeanette decided to train to become a Supervisor of Midwives. Jeanette’s experiences have brought home to her how essential it is to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening at all times, both for the safety of patients and the sake of staff.

If something’s worth doing
Sometimes, those trying to facilitate and drive safety and quality improvement can feel like outsiders. Working in partnership with other professionals provides Claire with an effective strategy for engagement and great personal satisfaction.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
How does a nurse educator who wants to improve practice realise her goals? Can it be achieved as part of continuous quality improvement, or must current practice stop while training is developed and delivered?

Prader-Willi, Madonna and a fridge
There must always be a balance in risk assessment that is informed by the needs of the patient, not simply the potential liability of the organisation.

Lost in translation
All professions develop their own phraseology, their own argot, often as an attempt at clarity and consistency of terminology when communicating with a client. However, what is clear and accepted language to a professional may not carry the same meanings to a client, leaving room for misunderstanding and possible safety issues.

Therapeutic observations?
To what extent are patient observations therapeutic, and do they promote patient safety?

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