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Patient Voices: MND stories

MND stories

These stories are told by people with MND and their carers. They will be used within elearning materials that are intended to illuminate the experiences of people with MND for those engaged in MND research.

A one-way ticket
Motor Neurone Disease tops Jean’s list of diseases not to have. Diagnostic challenges combine with the absence of treatment or cure. But there is one thing that people with MND can do to help themselves and others…

My journey with David
As Margaret and David face the end of David’s life, and the end of their journey together, Margaret reflects on the complexities and challenges – as well as the rewards – of caring for David at home.

Why research?
Jean is a medical professional, and also a person with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Whilst this means she knows the seriousness of her condition, it also means that she understands the crucial importance of patient participation in research to advances in understanding and treatment.

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