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Patient Voices: Cultivating compassion in end of life care

Cultivating Compassion in End of Life Care

Patient Voices Reflective digital stories created as part of the development of an inter professional learning resource intended to cultivate compassion in end of life care.

These stories were created in Pilgrim Projects/Patient Voices reflective digital storytelling workshops sponsored by Health Education North East in Durham, England in 2015. They were used, together with other stories from Patient Voices, to inform, enlighten and enhance a learning resource for professionals in end of life care. which was piloted in North-East England in 2016.

For more information on this project “Cultivating Compassion in End of Life Care: an interprofessional approach” and the associated learning programme, please contact

Legal care at end of life
A solicitor offers her experience of the impact of legal support around end of life, identifying an important, but overlooked, area of holistic care.

Not coming home
A community-based respiratory nurse relays her experience of caring for an elderly man with COPD at home.

Who cares?
A doctor relays three cases, identifying what lies beneath knowledge and skills, revealing attitudes and behaviours which may challenge care.

The crack down on pull up pants
A District Nurse battles with the continence service over a patient’s hope to maintain dignity.

Just a care worker?
A social care trainer expresses concern at the lack of value attributed to social care professionals.

Fancy dress, of course!
A domiciliary carer describes supporting her grandad’s light-hearted approach to life and her own roles as both granddaughter and professional carer.

Everyone’s someone’s family
A domiciliary carer finds one of her client’s is linked to her own family. The carer describes the breadth of her role and her own view of meeting client’s needs.

No time to talk
The wife of a man with heart failure offers an insight into her experience of receiving care, both challenging and positive and what mattered most to her.

My Dad
The son of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer offers an insight into the difficulty understanding a serious medical condition.

A GP recounts her experience of the rift between GPs and hospital teams and the consequences for care of a patient.

Last mountain
The choices of a lady with breast cancer are questioned by her daughter.

Don’t wait
The impact of personal experience on professional practice is described in this story, together with the importance of identifying and supporting priorities.

A Chaplain’s tale
The place of spiritual care at the end of life is illustrated by this story, as well as the conflicting emotions generated by considering spiritual needs.

All hope is gone
A palliative care nurse describes her experience when her mother is diagnosed with lung cancer.

Forever young
The impact on professionals caring for people with terminal illness is relayed in this story, which describes a positive end of life experience.

Care beyond death is of great importance to both patients and their families. A funeral director shares her experience of the challenges and benefits to open discussion of care after death.

Between a rock and a hard place
DNACPR is a core component of Advance Care Planning. What happens when it goes wrong? This story challenges us to consider what is important in DNACPR decision-making.

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