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Patient Voices: Work in Progress


Work in Progress

The stories in the ‘Work in Progress’ series have been told by disabled people in order to share the experiences, challenges and successes of their careers. These stories are part of the ‘Work in Progress’ series, which is the result of a collaboration between ExDRA, IiC, EEDA and Essex County Council, and were funded by EEDA’s Investing in Communities Programme.

A fish out of water
At school and as a child, Tony had always felt out of place, but in the responsibilities and challenges of his new job, he no longer feels like a fish out of water.

Worth more than a bouquet of flowers
An employer’s response to mental illness can all too easily exacerbate the trauma and disruption that results, with terrible repercussions for human dignity and self-respect.

I’ve got it all
A teacher once said Natalie would never achieve anything – but she now has a home, a child, a career – and a passion for helping others to learn about the needs and capabilities of those with disability.

Filling the void
Martin’s Aspergers syndrome affects his schooling, and seems set to affect his future, but through hard work and a continual determination to expand his horizons and succeed, Martin is now fulfilling a important role in a team.

Not just a piano tuner
Blindness seemed to have cut short Steve’s promising career as an engineer, and left him feeling dismissed and pigeon-holed. Family support and determination led him through to a post-graduate degree and responsible role.

Tip off
Tetraplegia doesn’t stop Andy from having a successful education like that of his friends. Just like many of them, the route into employment comes from contacts and a ‘tip-off’ – in this case about a job for which he is uniquely qualified.

I used to sit in this chair
For Ricky, blindness initially means frustration, pain and inactivity. With appropriate support and training, he overcomes these to return to work.

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