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Patient Voices: Dementia Insights


Dementia Insights

These stories were created at a Patient Voices workshop for people with dementia, their carers and partners in Lancashire in March 2015.

The expert guide
Making decisions was always something Barry was good at. With the diagnosis of dementia, there is a whole host of decisions to be made and Barry must learn new approaches and new ways of negotiating.
How could service providers help make the decision-making process easier?

Tower of strength
Barry had always been the tower of strength in the relationship. The shock of a diagnosis of dementia is not helped by the denial of family and friends and now Linda must learn to find her own strength.

Learning to navigate
This is Pat’s story.

I do the best I can
Tom loves his wife Pat – he always has and he always will. They’ve always worked as a team. Now that Tom is affected by dementia, it’s more important than ever to work together.

Stripped of dignity
While it’s exhausting to care for someone with dementia, that doesn’t take away the motivation to do more for our loved ones. And someone needs to listen.

Complex lives
Zakyeya plays many roles in her complex life. Being a doctor doesn’t diminish the demands of the other roles at work and at home. Finding a way to integrate all the roles has been the first step in improving the health and wellbeing of the entire family.

I’m still me
This is Barbara’s story

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