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Patient Voices: Having a stroke: being a parent


Having a stroke: being a parent

These stories are part of the series ‘Having a stroke: being a parent’. They are the result of a collaboration between Connect, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, and the Stroke Modernisation Initiative.

From pillar to post
After the initial shock of his mum’s stroke, 15 year-old Craig has found the right balance between caring for his mum and participating in her rehabilitation, and living a more independent and organised life, indulging his passion for sports.

The best Dad in the world
Marion’s healthy, active husband has a stroke in his early 40s, leaving Marion to figure out how best to reconstruct the family so that everyone feels comfortable.

If I had to go through it all again…
Sharon’s children are very young when she has her stroke, and the only way she could express herself was through her paintings, which she hid from the family so they wouldn’t know of her sadness and despair. Recognition of her talent led to increased confidence and the family remains close-knit and involved.

A much stronger family
Catriona is a fit, healthy, active PE teacher when she has her stroke. With the support of her sons, she continues to enjoy sport and outdoor activities – and the family is closer as a result.

There’s more to life
Nanik’s stroke has been a blessing in disguise, leaving him more time to spend with his children and family, and the opportunity to be a much more involved parent.

See me now
Janet was the family ‘baker’ before a stroke left her in a wheelchair, unable to bake. Over the years, she takes up painting, woodwork and all number of other activities before she is ready to meet challenge of baking a cake for the family once more.

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