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Patient Voices: Champions


People with learning disabilities are not only consumers of health and social care services, but have unique perspectives and skills to bring to the delivery and improvement of those health and care services, and the ability to be champions for innovative development programmes and initiatives.

These stories were created in a series of Patient Voices workshops that were sponsored by NHS England and took place in Leeds, London and Cambridge.

See the dancer in me
This is Nicola’s story.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do – watch what I can do!
This is Ann’s story.

LEEP forward
This is Susan’s story.

Helping people
This is Bernie and Phil’s story.

Mens’ health – it’s no laughing matter
This is Chris and Malcolm’s story.

Listen to me – I’m a champion!
This is Margaret’s story.

Unsung hero
Lloyd’s teachers never expected him to read or write. But he was lucky to have parents who looked out for him. With their support, he went on to collect three GCSEs as well as certificates in gardening and health and safety. Lloyd is unstoppable now, and loves his job as a Health Access Champion, delivering training to health and social care professionals and supporting other people with learning disabilities. And he’s hoping to pay his mum back one day.

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