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Patient Voices: Alison Ryan’s stories

Alison Ryan’s stories

Alison’s experiences of healthcare systems as a carer are viewed in the light of her professional role as a part of the system. She highlights some common perceptions and mis-perceptions with regard to carers and certain conditions.

Alison Ryan wears two hats: as a carer for her husband, who suffers from complex chronic conditions, and as the CEO of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Who cares?
How can carers and health professionals work more effectively together? Alison is challenged by nurses who are indignant that she should be interfering with ‘their’ patient. The consultant, however, acknowledges Alison as part of the care team.

A more deserving case
Why should one chronic, life-threatening condition take precedence over another? While Alison and her husband await a liver transplant, they become aware of the superior conditions for relatives of patients awaiting heart transplants.

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