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Patient Voices: Patient Voices workshops

Patient Voices workshops

‘Digital stories are a new medium through which narrative art can be explored and made accessible so that ‘ordinary’ people can articulate their extra-ordinary understandings.’

Professor Paul Stanton, 2007

We offer workshops to suit a range of interests and levels of expertise. We can organise bespoke, in-house workshops for particular staff, client and/or service user groups.
Support and consultancy are available at every stage of the process, on the workshops themselves, on andragogical and technical aspects of integrating digital stories and digital storytelling within education programmes, and to ensure that the stories are suitable for use in a variety of contexts.

What participants say about the workshops

‘I never imagined I could say so much in so few words.’
‘It’s made me realise how similar we all are, and how many stories we share.’
‘These three days have been the best days of my life.’
‘I feel like I could talk to anyone now.’
‘It hasn’t been at all what I expected, but it’s been absolutely brilliant.’

Patient Voices digital storytelling workshops

These workshops are the core element of the programme. Run over three or four days, they provide a safe, facilitated and empowering space in which a goup of storytellers can come together and work cooperatively to share, distill and create their digital stories.

A Patient Voices workshop is typically commisioned by a sponsoring organisation to facilitate six to eight storytellers creating digital stories of their experiences. These workshops can be held at our base in Cambridge, or in suitable premises elsewhere. The stories then go through post-production at Pilgrim Projects before final approval and release to the Patient Voices website. Each workshop is customised to meet the needs and capabilities of storytellers and sponsors. We apply a rigorous system of informed consent and approval that ensures storytellers are empowered and retain control over their stories.

To understand the powerful, effective, affective and reflective nature of the stories told in Patient Voices workshops, please look at some of the stories on the website. For more information, or to discuss your needs, please contact Pip Hardy or Tony Sumner at Pilgrim Projects.

Open digital storytelling workshops

Our open digital storytelling workshops are for people who want to make a personal digital story. For those who are considering engaging Pilgrim Projects to run a Patient Voices digital storytelling workshop for their organisation; the two-day workshop will give you a better understanding of the process storytellers will go through.

Introduction to digital storytelling facilitation

Where an organisation is engaged in a large-scale, long-term digital storytelling project with Pilgrim Projects, it may be appropriate to provide customised training programmes for members of the organisation’s staff to deepen their digital storytelling skills so that they can assist in the project or projects.

The programme is based on an apprenticeship model and is suitable for those who have already attended at least two digital storytelling workshops and done some further digital storytelling work with us. Each programme is individually tailored to individuals’ needs, experience and expertise but is likely to begin with an intensive workshop over several days that includes exercises and activities that can be used to elicit stories as well as practice in facilitation and in using the technology with first-time digital storytellers. Skills and expertise will be built up through attendance at a number of digital storytelling workshops; increased responsibility for particular tasks will be assumed as confidence and competence grows.

Ongoing mentorship and supervision ensure a steady progression towards confident and competent co-facilitation.

Workshop dates and details

For information on workshop dates and venues, please contact us.

Want to make your own stories?

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