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DNA of Care facilitator packs

Facilitator packs for using the DNA of Care stories

Following the celebration and launch of the DNA of Care stories in November 2016 and the successful Shared Learning Event in December 2017, NHS England responded to a number of requests for support in using the stories effectively. The result has been the development of these guides for facilitators.

One Higher Education lecturer said:
“The packs and the slide sets are very clear and informative. They are supported really well with evidence / literature and key points are emphasised that are made clear to the audience.
The text to support each suggested story is very useful as this outlines the use / main message(s) behind each one to enable the facilitator to more easily select which ones would be most suitable for each topic
It’s an excellent idea to have a slide set that can be adapted for use depending on the session delivered- this allows flexibility and adaptability of the materials.
Really important and thought=provoking questions to ask the audience are outlined.”

The packs reflect topical issues, and are intended to help facilitators make links between the stories and some of the things that are current priorities in the NHS. The topics covered so far are:

For each topic there is a guide and a supporting powerpoint presentation. Each guide contains the following sections:

Background and context – this section sets the scene with an overview of the topic, together with some background information.

The power of stories: the DNA of Care – this section provides some of the history of the DNA of Care Programme

Stories related to the topic – this section lists the stories that are most relevant to the topic covered by the guide. There is a brief summary of each story and a hyperlink to the story on the Patient Voices website. Some stories appear in more than one guide and you may decide that a story has particular relevance to another issue.

Questions for reflection, discussion and debate – this section contains a number of questions which you might like to ask, or you may prefer to come up with your own questions.

References – this section contains a list of all the sources that have been referred to in the guide, plus some suggested further reading.

Bringing your whole self to work Download guide Download presentation
Compassion Download guide Download presentation
Compassionate leadership Download guide Download presentation
Improvement and change Download guide Download presentation
Resilience Download guide Download presentation
Equality and Diversity Download guide Download presentation
Bullying and Harassment Download guide Download presentation

If you would like support in delivering one of these modules, or in developing a new module around another topic or the development of a new resource, please contact us.

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