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Engaging Carers

Carers from across England

'Unless we remember where our journey began, how can we measure the distance we have travelled?' Michael J. Smalroch

The 2004 'Engaging Carers' conference was a one-day workshop for carers, clinicians and managers, intended to promote working in partnership with carers and to ensure that carers' voices are heard.
This is a record of the discussions, contributions and passions that delegates contributed to the 'Engaging Carers' conference held on the 27th September 2004.

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A paper on the organisation, outcomes and lessons learnt from the conference is available at Unheard, invisible, invaluable

Summaries of the outcomes from activities and workshops at the conference are available at:

Issues for carers

The benefits of engagement

Factors promoting engagement

Obstacles to engagement

Messages from carers


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